Experts in the field, for over a decade

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Our Mantra

Experts in the field, for over a decade

We believe that the emergency and repairs industries are dominated with unnecessary predatory practices. Confusing and opaque costs, unreliable engineers and unhelpful staff are problems that all of us have been on the recieving end of. 

We believe that this doesn’t have to be the case! We’ve provided our services to the insurance sector for over ten years, honing a smooth and reliable service that we are proud to share with the public.

We work closely with local engineers and small companies, by supporting local engineers we can give you the best service possible at a cost that doesn’t break the bank in your time of need.

Good service at a fair cost

  • Fair and transparent costs

Itemised, upfront and agreed ahead of time: costs shouldn’t be confusing or unexpected, especially in your time of need.

  • Local Engineers

Experienced, vetted and trusted local engineers provide the bulk of our service. By supporting small enterprises and sole traders, they support us right back by provide top-quality service to you.


  • Well-trained and personable staff 

No foreign call centres for us, we have a small, highly trained core team that are each individually capable of manage any stage of a project, from a minor leak to full-property refurb.

  • Full Reporting

Our internal systems are built in-house, allow us an unrivalled tracking and reporting system. This lets us better keep on top of your needs, and provide you with any and all information you might require.

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