When the going gets gross;
trust us to unblock your drains

West-Midlands Emergency Drain Unblocking

24/7 365 Emergency Drain Unblocking

Few things can be more damaging or more disgusting that blocked drains, especially when those turn into overflowing drains. As with all emergencies the key is to react as soon as possible, solving a minor issue before it becomes a major sewage flood that takes months of property cleaning, structural drying and reinstatement.

Even without the flood having a blocked toilet, bath, sink or shower can leave you without critical facilities. Particularly if you have little ones or care for someone vulnerable. When time is of the essence, you can rely on us at the Home Repair Company to provide a reliable, same day drain unblocking service.

Save yourself from the disgust of overflowing or blocked drains!
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We wouldn’t trust just anyone to enter our homes which is why we strictly vet our drain technicians before sending them to yours. We ensure that they’re fully qualified for the job, have experience enough to be up to the task and are friendly and professional to boot.  When dealing with your home, you can’t be too careful! But you can trust our engineers to treat you with respect and expertise.

“Drain unblocking that didn’t cost an arm and a leg”

Not only do we work with finest engineers, but we also work with the most reliable. Drain blockages don’t stick to office hours, so neither do we. Our drain services runs around the clock, the whole year. That’s right! A truly 24/7 emergency drainage service that prides itself on service, cost and professionalism.

365 Emergency Drain Repairs

Once the rods and High-Pressure Water Jets have dealt with the blockage, our engineers are fully equipped to handle drain repairs. First of all they’ll be able to conduct a CCTV drainage survey to see the damage to the drain. Once the damaged drains or collapsed drains have been identified they’ll use their expertise to know exactly the best way to fix the issue.

Any Drainage issue

Drain unblocking & Repairs Made Easy

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No-nonsense 365 Drain unblocking

Our engineers aren’t just equipped with a plunger and some rods. They also use the very best of High-Pressure water Jetters. These van-mounted jetters are capable of blasting water at thousands of PSI though long distances of drains and are easily able tocut through and eviscerate blockage. No blockage can withstand the determined attack of our drain-techs!

Major Drain Repairs

It’s not just the “in and out” emergency drain unblocking and repairs that we can do. We also do major drainage works such as drain excavations to deal with collapsed drains, root ingress into drains or remedial works to drains that run u phill. We cover all aspects of drainage works, you can rest assured that we’re a trusted, qualified one-stop shop for all your drainage requirements.

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