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Home Emergency Service

Over 10 years of emergency expertise

From burst and frozen pipes to backing up sewage, blocked drains, broken doors, broken locks and smashed windows to boiler breakdown, having an emergency can be scary and traumatic.
Luckily, we are here for you!
Offering an industry leading reliability with fair and transparent pricing our service is near-unrivaled.
Our experienced, vetted and trusted local engineers can attend for emergencies same-day to make-safe any issue and give you peace of mind in your time of need!
No issue is too small or big for us to handle.

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Got a non-emergency issue that needs seeing to?
We offer services for all types and sizes of home improvement, reinstatement and maintenance. Click HERE for more.


Whether it’s from a loose stone, vandalism or a breaking. Having your home open to the elements from a smashed window or broken glass can be terrifying.
Luckily we attend 24/7 for emergency boarding, any hour of the day or night!



Overflowing sewage can be devastating to your home and gross to boot! 
Our emergency drain technicians are equipped with High Pressure Water Jets and CCTV equipment to ensure a complete unblocking.


When you’ve water coming through the ceiling you need rapid and reliable attendance before your home gets wrecked.
Our roofing engineers are avialable year-round for those pesky roofing repairs.

All Emergency

Repairs Made Easy

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Help is Just a Call away

Ready 24/7, 365 days a year our engineers can make-safe any issue you might have at your property. Many things can go wrong with plumbing and drainage; dripping taps, blocked drains, leaking soil stack. The last thing you need is to shop around whilst your home is being damaged. The Repair Company are an emergency one-stop-shop. Offering reliability and fair pricing.

Locks, Doors Windows & Everything in Between

Finding that your property insecure is a nasty surprise. Door locks can break or seize up, windows can be smashed and break-ins can make your home unsafe. There are few things worse than feeling that your home is not safe. Our trusted local locksmiths and glaziers can attend within hours to emergency secure locks and emergency board windows, ensuring that you can sleep soundly in safe home.

Plumbing Problems? No worries!

Few things can cause more extensive or rapid damage to a property than a burst pipe, leaky plumbing or a split drain. Dripping taps, burst pipes, overflowing sewage and frozen pipes are nothing to worry about when The Repair Company are around, and thanks to our reliable 24/7 service we are always around!
We attend same-day for emergencies, with 99% of our jobs being attended within 4 hours. The majority we attend with 2 hours to make the emergency issue safe: and save your property from damage. Giving you that all-important peace of mind in your own.

No Issue too small, or too big!

There’s no issue that we can’t find a suitable engineer for. From a simple barrel change on a door all the way up full property refurbishment following flood or fire. See how full range of property maintenance and refurbishment services.

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