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From boiler leaks to heating failure, no matter what boiler issue you have it’s going to be a nightmare. Let alone having to phone around to find a reliable contractor who is also available and won’t charge you an arm and a leg!

Cue The Home Repair Company – your one-stop boiler repair solution! When your boiler goes and your family are in the cold, you need a gas safe engineer, and you need them now.

We offer a simple threefold promise that is sure to solve your boiler problems:

Trustworthy Local Engineers – we use only the best local boiler engineers and plumbers. We perform strict checks to ensure that they’re not only fully gas safe registered but have years of experience and excellent customer service.
 Only the best and friendliest are good enough to be in your home.

Reliable 365, same-day attendance – No one knows when a boiler breakdown will happen, but we can make sure that we’re available when it does! No matter the time of day we can attend for you boiler leaks or boiler breakdowns. Don’t delay, call us now!

Transparent Costs – Our costs are itemised and listed so that you know exactly what you’re paying for. We’ll explain them fully and will ask for permission before any costs are incurred. You’ll know exactly what your hard-earned cash is being spent on!

When you need a boiler repair, do yourself a favour: trust the Home Repair company!
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Boiler Breakdown Emergency

When a boiler emergency crops up, save yourself and your family from a week in the cold. Call The HRC now for a reliable, 24/7 emergency boiler repairs service that won’t let you down nor bankrupt you!

Boiler Servicing

The best way to solve a boiler breakdown is to make sure it doesn’t happen in the first place! Keep up on your annual boiler servicing to save yourself the trouble of your boiler packing in at a worse time. A stitch in time saves nine as they say, and a simple boiler servicing can save you a week of freezing cold morning showers and evenings shivering on the sofa!

Works Guarantee

Customer service is top priority to us, the last thing you need doing an emergency are doubts about the engineers or repairs. We offer a “no-arguments” guarantee on any permanent repair we put in place.


Whilst the situation is improving the government hasn’t given it the all clear just yet. Until they do our engineers will observe COVID protocol – they’re in an out of houses all day so it’s for yours and their own protection. We will sanitise, wear masks and social distance to 2m where at all possible.

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